Why Auto Makers are Moving Towards Aluminum Framing Systems

The big news in the aluminum extrusion market today is how automakers are moving towards aluminum framing systems such as the Mini Tec Systems. These systems are not exclusive to the automotive industry, but can assist any manufacturing design with a more durable and energy-efficient product for framing. The alternative is steel, also a leading material in the automotive industry. Steel is still being used today, but new U.S. tariffs on aluminum imports are making American auto manufacturers very happy.

The result for them is a higher output of products and more jobs, along with a higher quality product that is more sustainable. Learn more about how aluminum extrusion and framing systems are becoming a leading choice for domestic automakers today.

Increased Market Growth

For the aluminum extrusion industry, the market has seen a growth of 8.87 million tons with a projected growth rate of 5 percent, even though the pandemic, and the tariffs are one reason that has happened. The aluminum tariffs as a whole have resulted in $6 billion in aluminum product projects.

This growth is expected to create over 4,500 jobs and bring in over 1.1 million metric tons of extrusion capacity according to a study by the Economic Policy Institute.

Other studies are confirming this, and noting that aluminum is a leading raw material for automotive suppliers. By the end of 2026, the weight of aluminum products in one vehicle is expected to reach 514 lbs.

The Durability of Aluminum Extrusions

Although aluminum is more costly as a raw material, it is still lighter than steel and this is another leading reason why automakers today favor it. As the development of today’s modern vehicle moves to a more sustainable and energy-efficient product, the heavier steel components of vehicles are being replaced by aluminum products.

Some companies are even allocating as much as 30 percent of their budgets to aluminum extrusions as the production of electric vehicles increases. As a result, aluminum extrusion companies are expected to see annual growth of 20 percent themselves. Domestic companies in the U.S. are even able to expand into regions such as China and Europe where electric vehicles are favored by consumers, more so than in America where they are still frequently viewed as novelty items.

Steel is still being used by automotive. Bumper parts divisions are still favoring steel for bumpers and their components such as impact bars.

Invest in Aluminum Extrusions

Automakers are leaning towards more aluminum extrusion frames such as Mini Tec Systems for a variety of reasons. The leading reason is that the new tariffs are making it more possible to do so, and are helping them to create a more sustainable product. This is the time for organizations to invest in aluminum extrusions on a more long-term basis. Get a quote and develop a long-term relationship with a reputable supplier that is helping to change the face of the aluminum extrusion market today.

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